Ecotourism accommodation

Monadiko traditional rural house

“a unique experience of simplicity and understated beauty”

In Greek, Monadiko (“μοναδικό”) means unique, something unlike anything else, one of a kind.

This rural place is a spacious house (126 m2) of traditional mountainous architecture, which was constructed in the late 18th century to accommodate the cooperative commercial bank of the village. Later on it was transformed into a coffee shop and right before its last renovation, it was used as a storing facility for packaging carobs. The building was especially restored in order to accommodate a family or a group of friends.

Monadiko comprises of a comfortably furnished open-plan (91 m2) living room with a fireplace and a flat screen smart 43’’ tv, a dining room, a large kitchen with modern appliances and a guests’ restroom on the ground level. The upper level is a traditional wooden loft (“patari”) (35 m2), which can be accessed via an internal stone-built staircase. It includes one double and two single beds and a modern shower-room. The picturesque garden (121 m2) that is shared with Polytimo house, planted with different species of jasmine, frangipane, pomegranate, olive, bitter orange and walnut trees can be viewed from the two storey high glass panels. This creates the ideal environment for visitors seeking tranquillity and simplicity. At the far end of the stone-paved courtyard there is a traditional small “kleftiko”* wood burning oven and a large table for 6 for alfresco dining.

This rural place is by itself a sanctuary of tranquillity.
* Kleftiko is a traditional Cypriot recipe, usually with lamb, cooked in a sealed oven in order for the meat to retain its juices. “Kleftis” in Greek means “thief” and it is said that the name of the recipe came after the mountain brigands who would cook stolen meat, usually in hidden, underground ovens.

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