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Lefkara village

"at the touch of love, everyone becomes a poet"   Plato

Ample places’ two rural properties are located in the district of Larnaca, in the village of Pano Lefkara right in the heart of its historical centre. A very well-preserved village, Lefkara has a unique view of the Troodos mountains, picturesque cobbled streets usually leading to a square and various “kafenia” (local coffee shops).

The village is considered to be one of the most important ones in Cyprus, mainly known for its fine embroidered lace (“lefkaritika”), its handcrafted silverware filigree work (“trifourena”), as well as for its architecture. According to legend, Leonardo da Vinci visited the village in 1481, and purchased and brought back to Italy a “lefkaritiko” fine embroidered lace cloth for the main altar of Milan’s Cathedral church (Duomo di Milano).

The village was a summer resort during the Frankish and Venetian period (1191-1571) due to its pleasant climate during the long, hot summer months. Since the 12th century, the neighbourhood where the rural houses are located is called “Ta Frangomata”.

The colourful history of Pano Lefkara village is widely reflected in the inhabitants’ hospitality, a blend of different cultural influences, which form Lefkara’s rich tradition. Its rugged hill surroundings, the olive trees and almond groves, its fifteen Byzantium Christian churches dating back to the 14th century, the fine traditional and mountainous architecture will create an unforgettable experience for the visitors and a unique holiday escape.

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